Relocating When You Own a House

Moving and adjusting to a new place can be a huge challenge. The task becomes even more difficult when you own a property, and you must do something about it. The best strategy is to sell the house and buy a new one in the new area. It is often not easy to buy and … Continued

What to Do with Your House During a Divorce?

You do not buy a house with your spouse to go on separate ways. You purchased with the intention to live together under the same roof for the rest of your lives. It can be pretty rough to go through a divorce when you both have invested in the house. Bad things happen. It is … Continued

How To Sell a Fire Damaged Property in Georgia

Household fires are destructive. They can destroy material possessions, human life, and priceless memories. According to NFPA, each year, 358,500 household fires occur in the US. The average loss per accident is $18,800. That means a household fire can cost you thousands of dollars before your life can return to normal. What Should You Do … Continued